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Gophers in Monterey Hills | Pocket Gopher removal by the top rated gopher removal company in So Calif. Rodent Guys SPECIALIZES IN GOPHERS and MOLES plus licensed for agricultural pest control for your Monterey Hills, CA property.

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Several types of gophers, or pocket gophers as they are more correctly called, that occur in Monterey Hills, California. However the most likely to be seen in Monterey Hills, CA is the Valley pocket gopher. They are not spelled gofer or goffer like so many people do. They are a small rodent 5 to 7 inches not including the tail. They come in various colors but are most often grayish brown.

Monterey Hills Exterminating Gophers

Monterey Hills Gopher Control – How Do I Know if I Have Gophers. The Monterey Hills dirt is pushed above ground from tunnels that are angled to the ground. The mounds look like a crescent like in the picture above. This helps tell them apart from mounds made by moles that are shaped like a volcano.

Monterey Hills gopher tunnels are normally closed off at the surface with dirt. This helps to distinguish them from other burrowing animals like meadow mice (voles) you can see in Monterey Hills. On average, one pocket gopher creates about one to three holes each day. This is why you need to get rid of a gopher immediately. Gopher removal (not gofer removal) is usually done by a professionals near Monterey Hills, CA. Rodent Guys is experience on how to kill gophers.

Gopher Damage for Monterey Hills, California

Gophers are serious agricultural pests on your Monterey Hills property. They damage landscaping and turf alike. They feed on many varieties of plants and trees. The dirt mounds they create can be unsightly, smother turf, and even pose trip hazard on athletic fields in Monterey Hills. This hazard is also important around farm animals. Farmers feel it is crucial to perform gopher control to protect their prized animals from injury.

Monterey Hills Gopher control | Pocket Gopher Removal and how to get rid of gophers in Monterey Hills, CA

The best Monterey Hills gopher control methods to get rid of gophers fast and gain control in Monterey Hills are trapping and gopher poison. Trapping and baiting are options that a property owner in Monterey Hills can use with limited success. For Monterey Hills home owners trapping is the most effective way to get rid of gophers and kill gophers consistantly. Poison baits available to unlicensed people are not very effective at getting rid of gophers. The gopher bait strength is very low resulting in limited gopher extermination in Monterey Hills.

Baits available to the Rodent Guys are much more potent and very much more effective for gopher control than those available to a unlicensed person. The main reason to hire a gopher expert like Rodent Guys is experience of how to get rid of gophers in Monterey Hills with proper placement of fumigants, traps and or bait for effective gopher removal to get rid of gophers in Monterey Hills, CA.

Gopher Repellents | Monterey Hills Gopher Control

There are no repellents or scaring devices available in Monterey Hills that have been shown to protect Monterey Hills landscapes from pocket gophers. Some plants, such as gopher purge and castor bean, have been reported to offer protection. No independent tests for these claims have ever been completed to prove they work for your Monterey Hills property. If they really worked to get rid of gophers we could just simply spread this all over and the gophers would magically go away. If that did work Rodent Guys would not exist.

Legal Status for Monterey Hills, California

Monterey Hills pocket gophers are listed by the DFG as a non-game pest. If they are causing damage, they are allowed to be taken using any legal method.

Rodent Guys Pest Control for Monterey Hills, CA

We offer service to most of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino Counties for gopher control, squirrel control and mole control.

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Gophers Monterey Hills

We will come out to your Monterey Hills property toexterminate gophers in Monterey Hills using the best methods based on each situation to achieve the best gopher control. Where allowed, tunnel fumigation method is implemented to get rid of gophers because of it’s effectiveness to control gophers. On Monterey Hills residential properties gopher bait below ground in the pocket gopher tunnel is our usual gopher control technique and will eliminate gophers shortly after they consume the bait.

However, we are Monterey Hills gopher trapping experts. We do gopher trapping lessons for gopher control and getting rid of gophers by yourself for your Monterey Hills property. We will show you how to get gophers with traps overnight for another option in Monterey Hills.

How to get rid of gophers in Monterey Hills, CA is a tough job for the novice. We have a ton of experience with gopher removal in Monterey Hills and will do a good job in doing so. We are primarily an agricultural pest control service for Monterey Hills. We also do squirrel pest control, mole pest control and other “yard” type pests in Monterey Hills. Please call our pest control company today for more information and pricing options for your Monterey Hills and surrounding areas.

Gophers Monterey Hills

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