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Diamond Bar squirrel control becomes crucialnecessary because these fury pests eat garden plants and other edible plants. Ground squirrels create big burrows in the ground then used to live in. Squirrel control is often needed for several squirrels because squirrels are social pests meaning they co-habitate in their dens.

Diamond Bar, CA squirrel control is done when you see the pest or its evidence. Here is photo of a ground squirrel:

Ground Squirrel

Diamond Bar squirrel control is usually started when people notice holes similar to the ones pictured here:

Ground Squirrel Burrow

Diamond Bar Squirrel Control | Techniques to Control Squirrels

Rodent Guys typical way to for Diamond Bar squirrel control is to trap ground squirrels. These squirrel traps are non lethal traps that do not hurt the ground squirrels. The traps are placed near to their activity at your property in Diamond Bar.

Diamond Bar, CA squirrel control is started with squirrel traps that are baited with dog food and nuts to get them interested in the trap. After the ground squirrels are in the trap we have two options of what to do with the trapped ground squirrels. Option 1 is to take the squirrels away far from your Diamond Bar area. Option two is to drown them in the trap where they will not effect other Diamond Bar areas.

Diamond Bar squirrel control can also be done with squirrel bait. Poison is put into bait boxes that are resistant to dogs and kids and only holds the bait. There are holes in the box big enough for a squirrel to into but not bigger animals. Diamond Bar squirrel control is normally done in about two weeks. The ground squirrels have to consume the poison over the course of days in order to build up enough poison in their body.

Diamond Bar squirrel control is preferably done using trapping but poisons can be a great way to keep squirrel activity at bay after a trapping program. The bait stations are placed in the back of of the yard where grounds squirrels come from. If the bait is kept full there will be “food” waiting for the ground squirrels when they show up.

Call Rodent Guys for your Diamond Bar squirrel control issues today. We are licensed and insured and we are effecient in squirrel control, gopher control and mole control. Feel free to email us with any questions at contact@rodentguys.com.

Diamond Bar Squirrel Control

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